Ceiling supply unit

One product – multiple functions

The core of our modular product portfolio is our ceiling supply unit. It combines a wide variety of components and media in a single product, thereby reducing interfaces.



The ceiling supply unit is a system carrier mounted on the ceiling on site. It combines ventilation and regulation components, electrical and sanitary installations, lighting, and other media in one product. Additional add-on elements, such as media carriers, shelves, point extraction units, and screen holders, extend the modular system. It is also possible to attach partition walls as well as curtains and laser protection systems.

Thus, our ceiling supply unit meets the requirements of complete laboratory infrastructure. With its high-quality, modern design it can be used in any room concept. It provides you with the necessary freedom to flexibly redesign your rooms and their infrastructure at any time. The ceiling supply unit is the further development of the ceiling grid to cover the requirements of modern construction with BIM, prefabrication, and BIM-to-field.

Your advantages at a glance


The modular design gives you the freedom to expand your system at any time.


Installation from above allows flexible utilization and design of space.


Different media are combined, thus reducing interfaces.


Prefabrication ensures the highest quality and very fast installation.

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