Curtain & laser protection systems

Room separation and laser protection

Our curtain systems are not only used for the optimal separation of rooms, but also as laser protection. According to your individual requirements, we develop the best solution.



The curtain system enables optimal utilization and separation of rooms and workplaces in the laboratory, office, education, and production sectors. They are developed on customers’ request and are compatible with our ceiling systems, but also can be fixed independently.

We offer a curtain system for high demands in a wide range of applications: as room separation or visual, glare, and UV protection as well as protection against laser radiation. We will find the right solution for your requirements.

Your advantages at a glance


We manufacture individually on customer request to satisfy your requirements.


The modular design gives you the freedom to adapt the curtain systems at any time.


The flexible installation allows you to quickly and easily adjust the position at any time.


Our curtain systems reliably ensure the protection of your workplace.

Our product portfolio

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