Add-on Components

Optimizing your work environment

In addition to our Overhead Systems, we offer a variety of compatible Add-on Components that complement and optimize your workstations. All necessary elements are easily integrated and adaptable keeping to the highest standards and aesthetics.

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Common Add-on Components include; Shelves, Cabinets, Splash Guards, Media Trays, Swivel Arms, Point Extractors, Power Strips, Lighting, and other essentials for optimizing productivity. All Add-on Elements are custom engineered for optimal use and load requirements. They can be fixed to the Overhead Grid or mobile, height adjustable or stationary, and easily relocated as needed. The options for manual and automatic height adjustment can contribute significantly to ergonomics and end user comfort.

Advantages at a glance


Installation from above allows flexible utilization and design of space.


Our modular system gives you the freedom of an open floor plan.


Each installation is customized to the specific requirements.


Individual positioning optimizes the users’ well-being.

Our product portfolio

Other alternate and compatible product options.