Fume Hood Sashes

Sashes that meet your needs

We manufacture Fume Hood Sashes according to your requirements. The connection to any extraction system is simple due to our modular design.

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Over the years, we have gained experience in the engineering and manufacturing of Sashes for extraction systems. Whether mechanical, semi-electronic, or automated, our Sashes are designed to fully and individually meet our customers’ needs.

We can also supply controls and motion detectors upon request. Our flexible, modular system makes the connection very easy. Tell us your required application and we will find the perfect solution for you.

Product features


The front sash can be implemented in bench-mounted, walk-in or low-level versions. There is always at least 1,800 mm of headroom, measuring from floor level. The front sash is a closed system, the counter weights are built-in, and the sash is assembled, adjusted and tested in-factory. There are various types of connections between the front sash and the factory-made side walls. Thanks to the flexible, modular system, these are very easy to operate. The side walls and the top rear panel can be assembled without the front sash. Likewise, all media may be installed beforehand. The front pane is incorporated afterwards.


Closing features

An automatic locking system can be installed upon request. The corresponding control system is included. The locking system is fully installed and tested in the front pane. It functions independently from the exhaust air control. A motion sensor and photoelectric sensor are built into the handle to monitor the system.


Additional horizontal sashes can be installed in the front sash. These can be implemented with 2 or 3 sliding panes, depending on the width of the front sash. The panes slide along grey polypropylene tracks. Through the addition of active air, the extraction power can be reduced to approximately 300 m3/h (per running metre front panel width). The active air is blown in by an additional fan on the sides and above the bench profile.



TA: Bench-mounted fume cupboard single front sash
BA: Walk-in fume cupboard telescopic front sash
NIA: Low-level fume cupboard telescopic front sash


Standard width: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 mm
Non-standard width: max. 2600 mm
Standard height: 2400, 2600 mm
Non-standard height: no restrictions

Safety glass

  • TSG (tempered safety glass)
  • LSG (laminated safety glass)


  • Front pane pre-assembled (except walk-in)
  • Final assembly simple and quick, direct at the job site


  • Wooden boxes, palletised


  • Aluminum profiles powder-coated in diverse colours (RAL + NCS)
  • Special colours with epoxy – highly acid resistant

Stop 500 mm

  • Opening height level 1, 500 mm, in accordance with EN 14175
  • Opening height level 2, headroom 1800 mm above ground level


  • Automatic Sash Lock, 230 V (incl. photoelectric sensor, motion sensor, motor, control system, fully assembled)
  • Automatic Sash Opening, 230 V (incl. photoelectric sensor, motion sensor, motor, control system, fully assembled)
  • Horizontal panes, 2 or 3, incl. handles
  • Active air
  • Explosion-proofing

Your advantages at a glance


Each solution is customized to the specific requirements.


Our Fume Hood Sashes ensure the safety of the workstation.


Our flexible Sash system makes the connection to your Fume Hood very simple.


Our Sashes can be expanded with controls and motion detectors.

Our product portfolio

Other alternate and compatible product options.