Service Carriers

Workstation service supply

Our Service Carriers are suspended allowing maximum freedom and adaptability. They support a wide variety of options exactly where they are needed.



We offer a variety of models: sliding, folding, mobile, fixed to a wall, or our Ceiling Systems. Configure your optimal dimensions and lab equipment as required. Our Service Columns are highly adaptable. Thanks to our modular product portfolio, the configuration of services such as power, data, water, and gas can be changed or expanded with minimal disruption.

To ensure the flexible design of work areas in laboratories, schools, hospitals, and other industries, your options are limitless. Our Service Columns are individually adapted to the user and thus optimize the ergonomics of workstations. In addition, they impress with their high-quality, modern design, and aesthetics.

Advantages at a glance


Installation from above allows flexible utilization and design of space.


Our modular system gives you the freedom to easily adapt your rooms and design.


Prefabrication ensures the highest quality and ease of installation.


Individual positioning optimizes the users’ well-being.

Our product portfolio

Other alternate and compatible product options.