Overhead Service Carrier

One product – multiple functions

The core of our modular product portfolio is our overhead service carrier. It combines a wide variety of components and services in a single product, thereby reducing job site coordination.

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The Overhead service carrier is a system-carrier mounted on-site. It combines ventilation and regulation components, electrical and sanitary installations, lighting, and other services in one product. Optional Add-on Components, such as Service Carriers, Shelving, Point Extraction Units, Media Trays, Partition Walls, and Protection Curtains, all extending the functionality of the modular system.

Thus, the overhead service carrier meets the requirements of a complete laboratory infrastructure. With the high-quality modern design, our systems can be used in any room concept. It provides you with the necessary freedom to flexibly adapt your rooms and their infrastructure at any time. 

Product features


The Overhead service carrier (OSC) is a modular designed utilities provider incorporating all services required for technical room outfitting. In particular it bears: ventilation and controlling components, electricity and bus bar installations, sanitary installations, lighting and media carrier supports (horizontal and vertical designs). The module is delivered prefabricated and is installed ready for operation (turnkey). Due to its design the Infrastructure Carrier Unit is versatile in various room concepts. It enables a very flexible layout of functional spaces and working environments.



  • Element width: max. 2100 mm/ optional half part section: max. 1100 mm
  • Element length: 2100 mm/ dividable according to room dimensions
  • Standard height above bottom edge: 2800-3000 mm
  • Required space under ceiling: > 650 mm


white RAL 9016, special colours available (NCS/RAL)
bracket core unit: natural anodised E6-EV1 aluminium


  • Supply Air
  • Process Extraction Air
  • 24h-Extraction Air
  • Room Extraction Air
  • Direct LED Lighting/6000K, dimmable
  • Indirect LED Lighting (optional)/6000K, dimmable
  • Electric utilities (cabels, lines)
  • Waters
  • Gases

Individual configuration level, modularly expandable.
All subsections can be equipped individually or ordered preinstalled.

Strength values

  • Brace 2000 N/m vertical
  • Installation components 750 N/m


The Overhead service carrier (OSC) is designed with building axes in mind, as an independent ceiling mounted support construction covering a partial ceiling surface. Base element is an expandable brace construction, which is level adjusted and fitted on the ceiling. It provides rooms with utility installations such as supply and extraction air, lighting, electrical and media installations. Its second purpose is the attachment of typical wall- and ceiling-mounted elements and add-on components like media carriers, shelves, hanging cupboards, spot extractors, monitor mounts, tripod mounts etc. Moreover is the attachment of partition walls and divider panels prepared. A suspended closed ceiling can be installed separately from the OSC on buildings ceiling.

Carrier for add-on components

Room Solutions

  • Housings
  • Cubicals
  • Partitions walls
  • Curtain systems/Laser protection

Media carrier

  • Media carrier vertical
  • Media carrier horizontal
  • Media carrier foldable
  • Media bridges
  • Freestanding, movable


  • Shelving systems
  • Splash guards
  • Monitor mounts
  • Keyboard mounts
  • Tripod brackets
  • Towel holder


  • Experimental buildups
  • Special housings

Advantages at a glance


Installation from above allows flexible utilization and design of space.


Our modular system gives you the freedom of an open floor plan.


Prefabrication ensures the highest quality and ease of installation.


Different services are combined to reduce on-site coordination. 

Our product portfolio

Other alternate and compatible product options.