Ceiling Grid

Overhead flexibility

The Ceiling Grid as a basic structure fulfills various functions: It provides the infrastructure needed to carry all of the building’s services, supplying workstations with a wide variety of options, optimizing your workflow.

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Our installation systems are available in different expansion stages: from a simple Single Support to a complete Ceiling Grid System. It is an aluminum profile system that is mounted on-site in order to carry services, such as gas lines, ventilation ducts, and lighting. It is also capable of accommodating a variety of Add-ons, such as Service Carriers, Shelving, Point Extraction Units, and Media Trays.

The systems are custom engineered and manufactured individually according to customer requirements. Since access is provided from above, the areas below are not affected. Thanks to simple retrofitting and flexible laboratory equipment, the layout can be adapted to future needs with minimal effort, resulting in lower installation and renovation costs.

The Ceiling Grid System can accommodate ACT (acoustic ceiling tiles) in order to improve the visual appearance and climate functionality.

Advantages at a glance


Each installation is customized to the specific requirements.


Our modular system gives you the freedom of an open floor plan.


Prefabrication ensures the highest quality and ease of installation.


Our Grid Systems are engineered to the client’s demands. 

Our product portfolio

Other alternate and compatible product options.