Ceiling grid

Our basis for your flexibility

The ceiling grid as a basic structure fulfills various functions: It carries the entire building services installations, supplies workstations with a wide variety of media, and modularly integrates other add-on elements, such as shelving systems. This optimizes your work processes.



Our installation systems are available in different expansion stages: from a simple ceiling yoke to a complete grid system. It is an aluminum profile system that is mounted to the ceiling on-site in order to carry installations, such as lines and ventilation ducts. It is also capable of accommodating media carriers, shelving systems, and other add-on elements.

The systems are planned and manufactured individually according to customer requirements. Since access is provided from above, the areas below are not affected. Thanks to simple retrofitting and flexible laboratory equipment, the laboratory can be adapted to future needs with minimal effort. The user becomes the designer, and the result is lower installation and operating costs right from the start.

The ceiling grid system can be extended with a ceiling panel in order to improve the acoustic room climate, make the ceiling more visually appealing, or equip the system with functions such as ventilation and lighting.

Your advantages at a glance


We manufacture individually according to customer requirements to satisfy your needs.


The modular design gives you the freedom to expand your system at any time.


Prefabrication ensures the highest quality and very fast installation.


Our ceiling systems are able to bear high loads without any problems.

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