Partition Walls

Flexible design

The modular design allows our Partition Walls to be quickly adapted or retrofitted, and meet the highest soundproof and protection requirements. The Partition Wall components easily integrate with our overhead Grid Systems without the need of mechanical attachments to the floor. 

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Our Partition Walls can be easily integrated into the Ceiling Grid System. With the flexible design they are suitable for individual working environments in offices, laboratories, and production areas. They can be moved, modified, or retrofitted at any time and meet high standards of sound, light, and privacy requirements.

The high degree of engineering and prefabrication allows for a clean and economical installation. A variety of solid or glass options are available. We engineer and manufacture the Partition Walls individually according to your design requirements.

Advantages at a glance


Compatible Grid integration allows for flexible design options.


Our modular system gives you the freedom of an open floor plan.


Each solution is customized to the specific requirements.


Our Partition Walls ensure the comfort, privacy and safety of workstations.

Our product portfolio

Other alternate and compatible product options.